V. Philosophy

Biophilosophy of Olfaction (with Dr. Benjamin Young (Asst. Prof., Philosophy, UNR))

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The long term objective of this collaboration is to develop an interdisciplinary research and teaching program devoted to the philosophy and biology of smell as it concerns the perceptible object of olfaction. Toward this goal, the immediate objective for this collaboration is to explore the relationship between the nature of perceptible object of smell as chemical plumes and perceived odor quality. We postulate that the macro structural properties of the chemical compounds composing the odor plume play a determinate role in generating perceived odor quality. This is based on a comprehensive survey of recent literature.

Collaborator: Dr. Benjamin Young (Dept. of Philosophy, UNR).

Funding: NSE award from office of VPRI, UNR ($2,500).


  1. Young BA, Escanlon J, and Mathew D. Odors: from chemical structures to gaseous plumes. (2020) Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews 111: 19-29. [Link]