Mathew Lab won two NSE research awards!

Congratulations to the Mathew lab for winning two NSE (New Scholarly Endeavor Grant) awards;

  1. Biophilosophy of Olfaction”, Collaborator: Dr. Benjamin Young, Dept. of Philosophy, UNR
  2. Building an Odor coding model that can reliably predict insect behavior”, Collaborator: Dr. Deena Schmidt, Dept. of Math & Statistics, UNR

The NSE awards are competitive internal grants from the Office of the Vice President for Research & Innovation.

First research publication from the Mathew lab is out!

Congratulations to Gunnar Newquist, Alex Novenschi, and Donovan Kohler on the recent publication of a research article in the journal eNeuro ( The title of the article is: Differential contributions of Olfactory Receptor Neurons in a Drosophila olfactory circuit.  

Donovan and Alex are undergraduates (sophomores!) in the lab!

This is a fantastic accomplishment for our lab and we are looking forward to many more publications in the future!

Link to the Publication:

Congratulations to Riley and Lea!

Congratulations to Riley Kellermeyer  and Lea Cohen for winning HURA awards for their respective research!

Riley is a Senior at UNR and is conducting her Honors’ thesis research in the Mathew Lab. Lea is a Senior at UNR and is writing her (research review) Honors’ thesis under the supervision of Dr. Mathew.

Welcome new lab members

Mathew Lab welcomes three new members this upcoming fall!  We proudly welcome David Clark (graduate student), Seth Odell (graduate student), and Sam Kafle (undergraduate student) to our lab with open arms and all look forward to working closely with them!  Bio’s will be coming soon on all of our lab members, so stay tuned.

Role of the Subesophageal Zone in Sensorimotor Control of Orientation in Drosophila Larva

In brief

Graphic abstract
Graphic abstract

Drosophila larvae chemotax by alternating runs with directed turns. To map the sensorimotor pathway directing this process, Tastekin et al. combine a genetic screen with high-resolution behavioral analysis and acute functional perturbations. They find that the subesophageal zone plays a critical role in the sensory control of orientation behaviors.

 Link to ScienceDirect

Tastekin I, Riedl J, Schilling-Kurz V, Gomez-Marin A, Truman JW, Louis M.